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Short Term Rentals Insurance

Many landlords are seduced by short-term rentals, as illustrated by the success of sites such as Airbnb©, but few of them are aware of the risks associated with this practice.

**Available for  Quebec Ontario  and Alberta 


Our short-term rental coverage applies to condos, secondary or seasonal residences, with or without the primary risk. This coverage is available to homeowners who rent out part or all of their home on a temporary basis or full-time.


  • Rental value included, up to 10% of the property value
  • Vandalism & theft during rental period available at an additional cost
  • Liability extension for watercrafts made available for guests

Underwriting norms

  • Flexible terms to reflect dwelling use (i.e. on a mixed use dwelling the deductible is only increased when rented)
  • Condo / Primary, Secondary or Seasonal Residence
  • Maximum of 3 short-term rented units insured with APRIL or elsewhere. Beyond that, the risk will be considered as commercial
  • Maximum coverage amounts:
    • $900,000 for a building located in a protected area
    • $625,000 for a building located in a semi-protected area
    • $425,000 for a building located in a non-protected area

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